About Learning Good News

Through Biblically based children’s books, crafts, activities and lesson plans that are great to use at home, church or pre-school, we hope to make ways for little children to know about God, His story and the impact that it can have on their lives forever.

God Created Everything

We believe that there is one God who is three parts – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That one God has always lived and always will. We believe that God created everything, including us, to bring us into life with Him. Since the very beginning, God has been drawing us into his story.

God is Perfect, We are Not

We believe that God is perfect, but we are not. God intended for us to live our lives a certain way, but we all make mistakes. In our sin, we are separated from a perfect God. But there is good news.

God sent Jesus to Save Us

Despite our sin, we believe that God still desires for us to live a life with Him, just as He did when He created us. To make a way for us to come back to Him, God sent Jesus, the Son of God, as a sacrifice. By trusting in Jesus through God’s grace alone, we can come back to a life with God.

God Wants Us to Follow Him

We believe God calls us to follow Him. God teaches us to follow Him through His inspired words – the Bible – and through His inspired being – the Holy Spirit.


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