Never Apart | Children’s Book


Sometimes we miss someone.  They may be away for a short time, or they may have passed away to be with Jesus, but that missing causes sadness.

Through the hope-filled story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, little readers will learn the encouraging truth that God is always with his followers, both in this life and the next.

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And if God is with you and God is with me,
Then how far apart can we possibly be?


Elizabeth Turner, Author

I am a Christian, a mom, and a Sunday school teacher. I have always loved children’s books but never dreamed of becoming an author. Sometimes God calls us to new adventures we would never imagine on our own. I am excited about this opportunity to share God’s word with children.

Raíssa Bulhões, Illustrator

I am a Christian, Brazilian Illustrator based in Utrecht, Netherlands.
I was raised with colored pencils, paints, paper, and cartoons. And 27 years later these are still my favorite things!
God is an artist, and I, as His creation like to make art like Him and for Him.

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